Cal Am Fruitridge Vista Meter Installation Program

PBI developed a four-year phasing plan to install over 3,000 customers with new water meters before 2025. Implementation of the plan began in 2020 with the designed and installation of over 900 new water meters. This project is ongoing.


City of Sacramento Pump Outfall Replacement

PBI will prepare contract documents for the design of City of Sacramento’s Pump Outfall Replacement Project. The project entails the complete replacement of the pump discharge for three (3) drainage sump station facilities and partial replacement of the pump discharge pipe for five (5) drainage sump station facilities as well as condition assessment at six (6) drainage sump station facilities which penetrate various levee systems. The complete replacements include positive valve closures and associated structures as required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Central Valley Flood Protection Board.


Cal Am Arden Wells Design

PBI provided design and permitting services to develop two new well sites for California American Water. Design services include frontage improvements, storm and sewer connections, and above ground well and treatment facilities. Permitting services include County approvals for storm drain and sewer improvements and Planning Department approvals for merging parcels, use permits and building permits.


Fair Oaks Water District Transmission Main Condition Assessment

PBI was retained by Fair Oaks Water District to assess the condition of their transmission mains which total approximately 9 miles. PBI’s streamlined approach combines an initial desktop evaluation screening and limited field assessment followed by an alternatives analysis for repairing or replacing high priority mains.


Sacramento Suburban Water District Operations Plans and Tank Retrofits

PBI will prepare Operations Plans for two of the District’s facilities: Antelope Reservoir & Booster Pump Station and Watt/Elkhorn Reservoir & Booster Pump Station. While preparing the Operations Plans, PBI will work with District personnel to identify potential retrofits to each facility’s operation. Once approved by the District, PBI will design the operational retrofits, assist with bidding, and provide construction management for the installation of these improvements. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

City of Folsom Recycled Water Master Plan (RWMP)

PBI was retained by the City of Folsom to update the 2015 Non-Potable Water Analysis for the Folsom Plan Area (FPA) in conjunction with developing a hydraulic model for the non-potable water distribution system.