Mokelumne River Regional Water Storage & Conjunctive Use Project

San Joaquin County, CA


Mokelumne River Power and Water Authority

Services Provided


Project Summary

Preparation of a Feasibility Analysis to develop a project, which would capture unappropriated flows of the Mokelumne River for beneficial use.  The project is needed to help solve an estimated current and future water budget deficit of 200,000 acre feet per year, and will help perfect a pending water right application filed in 1990.  Phase 1 – Reconnaissance Study, analyzed the need for the project and identified an appropriate range of project alternatives. The approach placed special emphasis on eliminating potential alternatives that were “non starters” from an environmental or regulatory standpoint.  The Reconnaissance Study also examined agency and stakeholder issues and considerations, and recommended an appropriate CEQA/NEPA strategy.  Phase 2 – Operations Modeling Element, included development of a new public-domain river operations model for the Mokelumne River. Assisted with preparation of an Appraisal Study of the project for the US Bureau of Reclamation as a precursor to Federal authorization for a Feasibility Study.