Fresno Metropolitan Water Resources Management Plan

Fresno, CA


    City of Fresno

    Services Provided

    Project Duration

    2005 – 2009


    Project Summary

    Development of the $1.3 million Fresno Metropolitan Water Resources Management Plan, which provided five major water agencies serving the area with a road map for water supply decisions through the year 2050. The first of the three project phases included an evaluation of the ability of the existing water supply system to meet future needs. Phase II included a water supply alternative evaluation. Phase III includes a facilities plan, implementation plan, financing plan, and a programmatic environmental impact report.  The Metro Plan was completed in 1995. Also managed updates to the Plan in 1996 and 1997.  The updates incorporated modifications to the water demands, facilities plan, capital improvements program, and financing plan to accommodate the city’s substantial settlement in a major groundwater containment lawsuit, and included recommendations for construction of two new water treatment plants, a new pipeline “beltway” system around the city, a system of plume management wells, and other miscellaneous improvements. Currently managing the first comprehensive update to the Plan, which includes development of the City’s first Urban Water Management Plan since 1990.