PBI Offers Inspection, Analysis and Design of Dams and Hydraulic Structures

Starting January 1st 2018, PBI has added rope access inspection, analysis and design of Dams and Hydraulic Structures.  Our team is led by Kevin Gerst, who has extensive experience with inspection, analysis, design, and engineering during construction on dams and hydraulic structures.  Kevin started his career at the United States Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District working on the design of the new auxiliary control structure at Folsom Dam.  Prior to joining PBI, Kevin worked at HDR in Folsom, CA in the Dams and Hydraulic Structures group as a project manager/technical lead and developed a reputation for undertaking complex and challenging projects and producing high quality deliverables.  He has a passion for this industry and enjoys working with clients to create efficient and safe solutions to unique project demands.

PBI engineers have extensive experience with a wide variety of spillway, navigation, and flood control gates, including radial gates, vertical lift gates, and miter gates, along with all of their associated structural components.  PBI engineers also have extensive experience with spillways, flow-through monoliths/flood control outlets, intake structures, penstocks, and other appurtenant dam structures. Our highly qualified engineers and inspectors work with both public and private clients.